Muscle Dominatrix Interview
Female Body Builder Femdom!

Q: We'd like to thank Mistress Carmen for taking the time out from her busy body building schedule to speak with us today. Welcome, Mistress!
A: Hello. Thanks for having me.

Q: I know you're very busy woman, so let's get right to the questions. What is different with being a "Muscle Dominatrix" as opposed to a say, a regular Mistress or Domina?
A: I'd say the number one aspect of muscle femdom is the sheer physical strength we bring to it. Being dominant is one thing, many women are sexually dominant in their lives, but having the power to physically force a man or women to do your sexual bidding is quite another. Especially for the men. LOL

Q: I imagine so, not many men are metally prepared for having a woman with arms bigger than his force him to obey,huh?
A: No, they're not. But I think deep down, many LOVE it far more than they will admit.

Q: What are some of the activities that your clients come to you for?
A: It's funny, but both sexes's pretty much desire the same thing - complete sexual submission and control. Being forced to perform sex acts and endure humiliating punishments that they would normally tell themselves they are not capable of.

Q: Examples?
A: I have a current client, my favorite female "pet" by the name of Janet. She came to me with the desire to play out lesbian rape fantasies. She enjoys dressing like a schoolgirl and being forced to lick her female professors sweet pussy. She also likes to be forced to degrade herself before me, masturbating in public, made to drink from the toilet, that kind of thing - of course those are just the tamer aspects of her lesbian BDSM conditioning and training.

Q: Whoa, how about the guys?
A: First and fore-most, they ALL love to be fucked in the ass by a muscle bitch! I don't know how much money I've made turning rich and powerful men into strapon slaves and feminized sissy boys begging for a good ass raping by their Mistress. I have the strength to throw them to the ground, force their legs apart and fuck them like a prison bitch. In fact, one of the fantasies I'm often called upon to perform the most is the "Prison Guard". You can guess what that entails....

Q: Gulp Yes, yes I can.
A: And my "prisoners" get no mercy when the "bull" is on the block! LOL

Q: Is there anything you won't do?
A: I won't kill them, but that's about it! They come to me for the rough stuff and that's what they get! I get off on it!

Q: I see. Well, I know you are busy with your service and getting ready for the female body building championships this season, so thanks for joining us and good luck in your career!
A: Thanks for having me, it was a pleasure. I invite all interest parties to call my muscle domination sex lines or visit the website. We know how to make a slave obey!
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